Xylophones for Kids – Perfect to Get Them Into Music!

Xylophones may not seem like the best introduction to percussion buy they are really appealing to kids.  Xylophones can be colourful and can also be designed to fun to play and play with.  I review 5 top rated xylophones that will really appeal to a young musician to be.  A combination of colour, playful appeal in a contraption that creates tunes make xylophones the perfect gift for your mini maestro!

Gift wrapped xylophones by jaques of londonGift Wrapped Xylophones – By Jaques of London

Beautifully  presented Xylophone with natural wooden frame and mallets.  Each metal key is engraved with the name of each note. 

The xylophone come with 10 different songs teaching your child how to play. This makes it a very enjoyable experience to sing along to while they get to grips with the notes.

The natural wooden frame is FCS Approved Timber and the natural wooden mallets are perfect for little hands.

Each metal key is a different colour making it both vibrant to look at and easy to identify the different notes.

This really is a superb gift for any child and is so beautifully presented.

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Andoer 13 Bar Kid's XylophonesAndoer 13 Bar Kid’s Xylophones

Another colourful xylophone this time with 13 aluminium keys. 

The aluminium keys are fixed with sturdy oversized rivets and set on a natural wooden base.

Washers under the keys take the impact out of each strike to cushion the blow.

This xylophone comes with two plastic mallets.  Unlike the Jaques of London Xylophone above it does not come with fancy packaging – but at the end of the day it’s the xylophone that is important!

ProKussion Yell27V 27 Key Chromatic XylophonesProKussion Yell27V 27 Key Chromatic Xylophone 

Not quite as colourful, the ProKussion Chromatic Xylophone offers a step up with a piano set up of chromatic keys.

It is laid out with 27 Keys with sharps and flats giving a more realistic layout for attempting more complicated tunes.

Light and sturdy with a yellow plastic base and plastic mallets – this is a great stepping stone to a professional instrument.

Angel AG-25N2 chromatic xylophonesAngel AG-25N2 chromatic xylophone

The Angel Chromatic xylophone / glockenspiel has a more traditional look to it. 

This instrument is slightly smaller than the ProKussion xylophone with 25 keys in chromatic format.

It comes with a strong, compact blue plastic case that is great for transporting and storage.

There are two yellow plastic mallets and the keys provide a nice tone

This is another great learning tool for would be tuned percussionists or simply for mucking about on!

pull truck xylophonesPull Along Truck Xylophone Toy

For the very young maestro this is the perfect gift with a toy xylophone mounted on the top. 

There is also a shape sorter on the side with six animal shapes providing a nice little puzzle for those little hands.

And of course its a toy truck that can be pushed along the floor.  The eyes move up and down as the truck moves to add to the fun!

The toy is stated as conforming to Eu children’s toy standards.  It is made of beechwood and weighs in at kust over a kilo (roughly 2.3lbs).   

Overall dimensions are 25cm x 16cm x 14 cm


pull truck xylophones side views

xylophones article - link to plastic instruments imageBuying a child a brass instrument can be risky and expensive.  They might not take to it and a delicate musical instrument in the hands of a youngster can end up in tears if they get damaged. 

The answer could be a plastic instrument and there are some very good products available. 

Read my article on the types on the market here…