Best affordable top rated electronic drum set

Alesis-Nitro-Electronic-Drum-kitBuying a top rated electronic drum set can be expensive.  However we look at 5 of the best affordable electronic drum kits ideal for beginners that won’t break the bank and are packed with quality.

Drum sets are loud and require quite a bit of space.  Parents of children and teens who want to learn how to play drums can go insane with the constant banging.  But no band is complete without a drummer.   

An electric drum kit is the ideal solution.  It’s smaller, quieter, and easy to pack up and move.  An electronic drum kit is designed to take up less space without losing the authentic sound of a real drum set. 

Don’t worry about disturbing the neighbors.  Play as loud as you want using the drum headphones.  Only you can hear what you’re pounding out.  Pack it up and head to the club for a night of playing with your high school band.  Electric drum kits make playing or practicing fun, quiet, and can be done almost anywhere.

Roland TD 11KV V The best electronic drum set for the moneyRoland TD-11KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit – The best electronic drum set for the money

No matter what your purpose is – playing live, teaching, practicing – this compact kit caters to all skill levels. 

It’s small yet robust and only requires about four feet of space.  The four V-Pad heads are covered in a mesh material to mimic the bounce of a real drum.  Sticks bounce off the cymbals and sound incredible. 

The sound module lets you control, change, and manipulate the drum and cymbal sounds.  The sound module’s other features include backing songs of multiple musical styles, recording, and playback ability. Plug your drum kit into your laptop and record your beats.

Change the sounds, edit, and store it for future use.  The bass drum pad is included, but the kick pedal and drum stool are sold separately.  This lets you customize it a bit more to your preference.

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 best value electric drum kit set for beginnersWHD 517-DX Electronic Drum Kit Package Deal –
Best value electric drum kit

For the more intermediate and experienced drummers, this kit has lots of extras professional drummers love.  It’s affordable, quiet, and compact without feeling too small. 

Five mesh drum heads, and three cymbals come ready to play.  Drum heads are sensitive while giving out a forceful sound.  Easily adjustable, it fits youngsters and adults.  Hook up your iPod and play along with your favorite songs. The sound module (with 50 preset sounds) gives you control to alter your sounds, record yourself, and playback your tunes. 

Its strong frame lets you bang out your beats for hours. USB and MIDI In/Out options let you plug it into your laptop speakers or amp so others can listen to your pre-recorded tracks.  Thrones sticks, a stool, and headphones are included at no extra cost.

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KAT KT3 electronic drum set for beginnersKAT KT3 6-piece Electronic Drum Kit – Stylish electronic drum set for beginners

With six drums, four cymbals, and two drum sticks, you’ll never stop playing.  The sound module contains 25 user programmable drum sets. 

There are 100 built-in songs to play along with, and 550 drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds that would impress a pro drummer. The bass drum is compatible with a double pedal for extra fun. The stool is not included but easily found elsewhere.

Connect to any MP3 player and play along with your favorite songs.  Use the two stereo output jacks to record your playing, mix it, and then play it back.

You’ll enjoy the natural stick rebound from the ultra-sensitive drum pads and cymbals. This kit gives a big sound with a professional feel. 

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Digital Drums 450 electric drums for sale with ampDigital Drums 450 Electronic Drum Kit and Amp Pack –
Electric drums for sale complete with amp

Everything you need to have a complete drum set up is in this kit. Five drums, three cymbals, a stool, a drum pedal, throne sticks, head phones, and a 30-watt amplifier are included.

It’s a great way to be introduced to the world of drumming. Play along with your MP3 player, or use the preset tracks. The sound module comes with 60 backing tracks and 310 multi-sampled sounds.

The frame is strong and can hold up against even the most powerful drummers. Adjust the height of the drums and cymbals just how you want them.

Play quietly while using the headphones, or break the glass in the neighbor’s house when you crank up the amp.

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Alesis-Nitro-Electronic-Drum-kitAlesis Nitro Electronic Drum kit  – Small electric drum set, ideal for kids or beginners

Made from lightweight aluminum, don’t worry about its durability.  The five drum heads and three cymbals were made to take a beating. 

The pads provide a natural response to the sticks so it feels like a regular drum set.  It stands strong for hours of heavy banging. 

It’s light enough to disassemble quickly to take on the road.  The sound module has 60 built-in songs to play along with.  The library consists of 385 drum and cymbal sounds.  Connect an MP3 or iPod to the aux port to play along. 

The USB/MIDI connection lets you record your music.  Plug in your headphones (not included) to the output port for a private and quiet jam session. While the stool is sold separately, the kick pad tower is included as is the drum pedal.

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top rated electronic drum setWhich is the best, top rated electronic drum set for you?

Electric drum kits are the perfect alternative to regular drums if you’re tight on space, can’t take the noise, or don’t want to invest too much money.

They are easy to assemble and transport to a live gig or a friend’s house for practice. They have a true drum sound and feel but with a little extra functionality.

The sound modules lets you be your very own DJ. Choose, play, and manipulate your sound. Record, edit, and play back what you’ve done. All without driving the neighbors crazy.

If you want a kit that comes complete with everything, try the Digital Drums 450 Kit and Amp Pack. You can get drumming right away without having to purchase accessories separately. It’s tough, compact, and a great introduction to drumming.

   Roland control unit

The Roland TD-11KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit is a bit pricier, but it ranks high for outstanding quality.

The realistic sound and high-tech module takes playing drums to a whole new level.

You can customize it with your preference of foot pedal and stool. It takes up minimum space while delivering maximum output.  

We consider this to be the best electronic drum set for the money – packed with quality.

On the other hand if you are looking for a small electonic drum set for beginners the Alesis Nitro Electronic Drum kit offers a compact and very attractively priced percussion package.

Electric drum kits lets you play the way you want without worrying about disturbing anyone else. Regular drum sets just can’t do that.


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