A Fishy Test Piece

Dickie Cory BRASS BAND TEST PIECERichard Davies A.K.A. Dickie (ex flugel – Cory) had recently announced on Face book that he was buying a fish tank.  There were a few tongue in cheek comments – then I posted a few suggestions for brass band music to keep the fish occupied…

Devil and the deep blue sea,


Galleons Reach,

The Ship Builders,

Un Vie de Matelot, ,

Extreme Hake over,

Dive Descending,

All the flounders of the mountain,

Bass in the Ballroom

…any more suggestions I said?…and then it started.  A tidal wave of  100+ posts from all over brass band land.  Here are some of the ‘catch’…

Fin Landia

On the Shoals of giants

Zander – Percy Cod

Breath of Soles

The essence of tide

Codcatcher Fells

Festival Mullet


The swordfish  the jewell and the mirror carp by Phil Harbour

Faust by Gurnard

Fanfare for the common Manta

Send in the clown fish

High Pike

Royal sharks

Eel keep a welcome in the hillside

The barbell of  Seville

Swim swim swim

Harrisons bream

The clam busters

633 squidron

James hook circumnavigator

John West side story

Angler  tarn from codcatcher fells

Daces high

A John Dory yet untold

A diadem of goldfish

Wrasse a plenty

A North Atlantic country fantasy

Titanics progress

Le coi d’ys

McCarther shark

March of the piers

Bream catchers by plc

March – The Codtester

The planktontagenets

Anything by Rod Newt(on)

A Lowry skatebook

Minnowet from L’Arrlesienne

Sea Bass in the ballroom

A winkles Tale

Starfish Wars

Canterbury Coral

Pineapple roll mop

The pouting and the peasant

Petit suit de Bullhead

Pop looks Bass

Pride of dace

Whitson Hakes

Black Fryers

Un vie de Mackerel

Shark the herald

And finally… don’t forget your scales!!!

If you have any other fishy brass band test piece suggestions please send them in and I will add them to the list.  Please keep them clean and gutted!!!