Circle of Fifths Explained – Notes Chords and Keys

circle of fifths explainedMost of you have heard about the circle of fifths.  Some will have an in depth knowledge and then there are others like me who are clueless. I saw this video by Michael New which explains quickly and easily the basis of the circle of fifths in a step by step guide.  He shows how to construct the circle of fifths and how to remember the notes easily with numonics..  

He demonstrates what it can do for you in terms of working out notes, chords and keys.  This is really useful for players, conductors and especially composers as it takes away a lot of the mysteries of this black art.  

For those of you with no formal musical training this is a great insight of how to work out which chords and keys to use. 

Michael New developes this with a second video  to explain minor keys and advanced use of the circle of fifths.  Again simply explained and really useful.

If you would like to see more – Michael New has an extensive Youtuble video playlist which includes:
  • Music Theory Fundamentals
  • How Rhythm Works
  • How to Write Music
  • Music he has Written
  • Performances of Music he has Written

Great way to learn music theory on line

His no nonsence approach is easy to follow, concise and well explained without going into horrific jargon.  Unlike a lot of instructional videos he does not assume that you are Einstein and speaks at a level that all musicians with a basic knowledge of reading their parts can understand.  For a student who is just starting to get to grips with music theory I believe this is a great way to start.

There are many videos you can find on the internet. Some possibly better than the ones above.  However I watched, learned quickly and like his particular style.

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