Caricatures by Nezzy

If you would like a cartoon caricature prices start at £95 for a standard full-colour cartoon which is supplied in a 12″ x 10″ mount with backing board + electronic version + a square jpeg version (for a Facebook profile picture if required). ‘Standard’ would be the person in uniform with their instrument.  Prices will vary if you require additional elements in the cartoon.

Cory Band Phil Harper Grand Slam caricature
Phil Harper, Conductor of the Cory Band – presented to him by the band after completing the grand slam of major titles. I featured the trophies and a couple of characters in the background from Cory’s winning performance at the Brass in Concert program. Also featured is the Welsh flag and the star Spangled Banner – after Cory’s hugely successful tour of the USA. A lot to pack in but he certainly deserved it!

To do the caricature I will need:

  • A selection of high-resolution photos with at least one or two faces on and preferably smiling!.  These must be digital as I don’t like the responsibility of original photo’s through the post – particularly with the great British postal service!!!  I can often get the images I need through the person’s Facebook page if they have an account.
  • What do you want me to draw?  In uniform, with the instrument?  I need to know exactly what you want me to draw.  If it’s a brass band uniform i would need to know which band. I can usually find the uniform colours through the band’s web site or Google images but i may require confirmation.
  • Eye colour.  This may seem odd but very often I cannot tell from photos what the person’s eye colour is.  There is nothing worse than doing a great cartoon when the eye colour is wrong.
  • Time…I often get requests where the caricature is required in a day or two.  I usually have a backlog of work so at least a week or two is necessary – the earlier the better.

I deliver the cartoons in a mount with the backing board as standard and is securely packaged and delivered first class recorded. 

The price quoted will include postage and packing and recorded delivery (UK). 

If the caricature is to be mailed abroad the overall charge will be greater due to greater postal charges which I would discuss before committing to a price.

If you would like to contact me to discuss please send a message via the contact page here… or inbox me on the Nezzy on Brass Facebook page


John Corcoran – Percussionist


nezzy caricatures mal pickin parc and dare brass band
Mal Pickin – Parc and Dare band for his 75th Birthday
This was an interesting one for me (as a brass player and ex-firefighter) – and it was fun to mix both hobby and career into this caricature of Ben Midgely 
nezzy wedding cartoon caricatures brass bands
David and Rachel Tozer with their wedding cartoon presented to them by the band that David conducts – Lyme Regis town Band


Rob nesbitt nezzy caricatures
Rob Tomkins – Conductor, Bass Player and BrassFest UK
   Richard Evans – who loves Everton! 


Dean Evans – Percussionist with Ynyshir Band with his caricature on his 50th Birthday



Alan Fowler – Principal Cornet with the Yorkshire Imperial Band with his 50th birthday gift from the band


nezzy brass band caricatures
Kevin Jones – Tylerstown Band with his Caricature – presented to him by the band on his 50th Birthday – Yes he was in band on his birthday – That’s Commitment for you!


Not a brass band caricature but a good example of a black and white caricature of a fireman I drew several years ago who was also a part time actor
Not a brass band caricature but a good example of a black and white caricature of a fireman, I drew several years ago, who was also an actor 
   Simon Howell – Cory Band with the British Open, National, Brass Pass and European Trophies………………
nezzy caricatures
Ex-Royal Navy sailor on his 80th Birthday – The most difficult part of this for me to draw was the ship!