Brass Band Quiz 8

10 quick fire quiz questions to test your brass band knowledge

(Answers at the foot of the page)

  1. Cloudcatcher Fells, composed by John McCabe for the 1985 National Finals of Great Britain comprises of four movements, played continuously.  The piece describes several mountainous places in the Lake District in north West England.  ‘Angle Tarn’ is one of the places  – can you name at least three more (there are 8 others in total).

    angle tarn lake district cloud catcher fells
    Angle Tarn in the Lake District
  2. ‘The Dong with a Luminous Nose’, is a substantial piece of Brass Band music which is based upon a dark poem penned by Edward Lear. It is 10 minutes of atmospheric music, crafted by a composer who has also written championship test pieces. Who is he?
  3. Elgar’s Severn suite was used as the British Open Test Piece for the 1996 contest, won by the Marple Band, conducted by Gary Cutt.  But in which venue was this contest held for this year only before it moved to the Birmingham Symphony Hall?
  4. Which conductor and composers eyes do these belong to?WHOS-EYES-NEZZYONBRASS-QUIZ-8
  5. What is a ‘jingling johnny’?
  6. Who was the winner of the 2016 BBC Young Brass Musician Award?
  7. Who is this? Born in Lanarkshire in 1958.  Studied at the University of Edinburgh.  Undertook postgraduate studies with Edward Gregson at Goldsmiths College London.  Holds a PhD in composition. Has written several Major Brass Band works.
  8. What is the musical connection between Wareham, Warrington and Westminster?
  9. Which brass band is on stage in the Royal Albert Hall and who is conducting?nezzy-on-brass-quiz-8-which-band-
  10. Aveley and Newham band is based in which English County?

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  1. Great Gable; Grasmoor; Grisedale Tarn;Haystacks; Catchedicam (Catstye Cam);Grisedale Brow; Striding Edge; Helvellyn 2. Joseph Horovitz 3. Bridgewater Hall, Manchester 4.Eric Ball 5.It is a percussion instrument also known as a Turkish Crescent.6. Daniel Thomas (Euphonium black Dyke Band). 7. Peter Graham 8. They are all hymn tunes 9. Flowers Band conducted by Paul Holland  10.Essex