Brass band Quiz 5

10 quick fire quiz questions to test your brass band knowledge

(Answers at the foot of the page)

  1. 1216-1399 was the era in which there were five kings in an English royal dynasty (Henry 111, Edward 1,11,111 and Richard 11).  Which brass band composer wrote a test piece about this dynasty and what was it called? (2 points – 1 point for each part)
Richard 111 who was one of the five kings in this royal ‘dynasty’ that was used for the title of a championship section test piece

    2.Born in Aldershot, England this conductor, tutor,adjudicator and cornet player with a Welsh connection will be opening his 100th birthday telegram from the Queen in 2034.(1 point)

  1. Which lower section test piece penned by Gordon Langford was written for the Pilkington Northern Open Brass Band Championships in 1984  and contains four movements – ‘Fusion’, ‘Celebration’,’Lathom park Chapel’ and ‘Visions’? (1 point – an additional point if you know the connection between the test piece and the sponsors of the contest).
  2. Who is this secret Santa? (1 point) Brass-band-secret-santa-e1436201092297
  3. Little Maids +  Isiah + ‘Geese a laying’ – Elgars suite = ? (1 point)
  4. ‘Dawn Flight’ and ‘Holidays’ are the first and last movements of which test piece? (1 point – plus an additional point for the composer).
  5. The 2015 European brass band championships were held in which country? (1 point – plus an additional point for the name of the host city).
Host city for the 2015 European Brass band championships but where is it?
  1. The musical term ‘niente’ appears in ‘Nativity’ –  within the score of Philip Wiby’s ‘Dove Descending’ but what does it mean? (1 point)

    9.’Le Carnaval Romain’, written by Hector Berlioz in 1844 was designed as a stand alone overture.  It is not strictly a totally ‘original work’ as Berlioz used many themes from another of his masterpieces to create it.  The original work he took the themes from has been transcribed as a brass band championship test piece – what is it called and what is the profession of the person that Berlioz depicted in the music?

Hector Berlioz – composer of ‘Le Carnaval Romain’…which well known test piece did he take the themes from to create it?

   10. Dr who?…. Which UK trombonist recently became a Doctor and shares the same surname as the actor playing the fourth carnation of BBC TV’s Dr Who? (1 point)








1.Edward Gregson – ‘The Plantagenets’2. Richard Evans (who celebrated his 80th birthday this year) 3. ‘Facets of glass’ (Pilkington are  glass makers) 4.The secret santa is Phillip McCann Conductor, adjudicator, tutor and player  5. 4 (little maids) + (Isiah) 40 + 6  (Gees a laying) – 7 (Severn Suite) = 43 6. ‘Royal Parks’ by George Lloyd  7.Freiburg, Germany  8. Nothing, dying away – barely audible 9. Benvenuto Cellini – goldsmith 10. Brett Baker (Tom Baker was the 4th Doctor Who)