Brass band Quiz 1

10 quick fire questions to test your brass band knowledge

(Answers at the foot of the page)

  1. Which test piece would you associate this view with?
  2. Helvellyn-summit-366x274Bands competing in the 2004 British Open Championships had a choice of 3 test pieces to play.  Name them.
  3. Which lower section test piece, penned by Eric Ball, has a lyrical movement called ‘Quiet village’?
  4. The sachbut was the forefather of which modern brass instrument?
  5. Which conductor links these 5 test pieces together?:
    • Torch Bearers – Peter graham
    • Concertino for brass, Dr Kenneth Downie
    • …All the flowers of the mountain – Michael Ball
    • Albion – Jan Van Der Roost
    • Concerto for Band No. 1 – Derek Borgeois

    6. H.Monk (1823-1889) composed which solemn Hymn?

    7. Which country inspired Philip Sparke to write ‘Land of the long white cloud’?

    8. Which band does this badge belong to?


    9. In which county is the Desford Colliery Band located?

   10. Which bands Latin motto translates to ‘Act justly and fear nothing’?








  1. Cloudcacher Fells – its the view from Helvellyn Summit 2. St Magnus, Contest music, Montage 3. Devon Fantasy 4.Trombone 5.They were all wins for Dr Nicholas Childs at the Royal Albert Hall in the National Finals of Great Britain (I didn’t add the latest win with black dyke as it would have given the game away!) 6. Abide with me 7. New Zealand 8. Whitburn 9.Leicestershire 10. Black Dyke.