Brass Band Quiz 3

10 quick fire questions to test your brass band knowledge

(Answers at the foot of the page)

  1. Dean Goffin, who composed the test piece Rhapsody in Brass (used in the British Open, Grand Shield and over 50 other contests since 1949) is of which Nationality?Sir-Dean-Goffin-275x300

     2.What is the meaning of the musical term ‘sospirando’?

     3.London Overture by Phillip Sparke is the first section area test for 2015 but which in which city was this used as the European Final set test piece in 1991?

  1. Which cornet players eyes do these belong to?Rob-369x145
  2. Snowdown Colliery Band are resident in which British County?scwb_header_6a_1024x376
  1. Which brass band test piece, used in the UK 2008 regionals, has three movements called ‘Overture’, ‘Romance’ and ‘Impromptu’?
  2. Who is being described?
  • Born on 10th April 1902
  • Taught by his father and Drake Rimmer
  • Composer,conductor and player
  • Soloist with the Halle Orchestra
  • Responsible for the creation of ‘Listen to to the Band’
  1.  Who conducted the Brisbane Excelsior Band to the Australian National championships title in March 2013?
  2. What links Lady Godiva to Bramwell Tovey?
  3. John Carr’s famous suite ‘Four little maids’ is based on his grand daughters who were each supposed to have different characteristics.  ‘Serious Miss’ and ‘Miss unpredictable’ were two of the four little maids – can you name either of the remaining two (bonus point for both).








  1. New Zealand 2. Sighing 3. Rotterdam at the De Doelen Hall 4.Rob Westacott 5.Kent 6. Festival Music – Eric Ball 7. Harry Mortimer 8. Howard Taylor 9.Coventry – Lady Godiva rode naked around the streets of Coventry on horseback to gain remission against her husbands taxation and Bramwell Tovey penned the test piece – ‘Coventry Variations’ 10. ‘Dainty miss’ and ‘Miss chatterbox’.