Brass Band Quiz 12

10 quick-fire quiz questions to test your brass band knowledge

(Answers at the foot of the page)

  1. Harry Mortimer was born in Hebdon Bridge on April 10th, 1892, 1902 or 1922?
  2. Who am I …Born in Lincoln in 1909 and died in Tintagel aged 60…was commissioned by the Daily Herald to write his first major work for brass bands in 1960..adjudicator at the British Open Championships at Belle Vue, Manchester, in 1969 but had to retire midway through the contest due to his health…wrote works including Centenary March, Portuguese Party and Simon Called Peter.
  3. Peter Yorks test piece ‘The Ship Builders’ has four movements. How many can you name (point for each correct answer)?
  4. Who were the first brass band to perform in the State Rooms of The Speaker of the House of Commons on 5th July 2018 and why?
  5. Cubbington Silver band, conducted by Mark Phillips, currently compete in the third section of the Midlands Area but which county do they reside in?
  6. Who composed ‘little suite for Brass No1 Opus 80’ which has three movements Prelude, Siciliano, and Rondo?
  7. Who comes next in this list…Ian Porthouse, Dr. Robert Childs, Alan Withington, Ian Porthouse, Prof. Nicholas Childs, Dr. Robert Childs, Phillip Harper…….?
  8. Who is the Black Dyke Band’s current principal tenor horn player?  
  9. Where would you find the three R’s – Resilience, Romance, and Relaxation?
  10. Zimba Zamba by Goff Richardsrds is a piece written for which instrument? 












Answers: 1. 1902 2. Gilbert Vinter 3. Web of Steel, The Launching, All hands at work, Maiden voyage 4.Tredegar Town Band, following an invitation and permission given by The Rt Hon John Bercow MP for a special event hosted by the Aneurin Bevan Society on the celebration of the National health service’s 70th Anniversary.  Aneurin Bevans, who was the minister responsible for the formation of the NHS,  was born in Tredegar and served as their M.P.  5. Warwickshire (they are based in Leamington Spa) 6.a) Sir Malcolm Arnold 7). Arsen Duc – they are all successive winning conductors in the British Open Brass band championships 2010 – 2017  8). Siobhan Bates 9).  They are movements from the test piece Salute to Youth by Gilbert Vinter 10). Marimba.