Brass Band Quiz 14


10 quick-fire quiz questions to test your brass band knowledge

(Answers at the foot of the page)

  1. The test piece ‘Extreme Make-Over by Johan de Meij’ is a  metamorphoses based on a theme by which classical composer?
  2.  The Welsh Band Goodwick, conducted by Matthew Jenkins, is based in Pembrokeshire, Powys or Carmarthenshire?

  3. Which test piece used for the British Open has three movements – Pavane, Cavalcade and Burlesque?

  4. Professor Philip Wilby’s test piece ‘Red Priest’ refers to which famous classical composer?
  5. Can you name ten Gilbert Vinter test pieces (point for each).
  6. If you saw a symbol known as a ‘fermata’ placed over a note what effect would it have on the note?
  7. The Floral Dance by Brighouse and Rastrick spent nine weeks at no. 2  in the UK popular music charts in 1977.  Which pop song kept Brighouse and Rastrick from the no. 1 spot?
  8. Who wrote Le Roi D’Ys and who arranged it for brass band?
  9. Where will the 2019 European Brass Band Championships be held (Venue, City and Country – point for each)
  10. Nigel Seaman has successfully steered which New Zealand Band to win the Australian Championships (A Grade) in April 2018  and the New Zealand National Championships (A Grade) in July 2018?












Answers: 1.Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky  2. Pembrokeshire 3. Carnival by Helen Perkin used in the 1957 British Open. 4. Antonio Vivaldi 5. Symphony of Marches, Variations on a Ninth, Viscaya, Simon Called Peter, James Cook Circumnavigator, Entertainments, Triumphant Rhapsody, Salute to Youth, John O’Gaunt, Spectrum 6. A symbol that tells the performer to hold the note as long as s/he would like, but certainly longer than the written note value 7). Mull of Kintyre by Wings  8).Edouard Victor Antoine Lalo and was arranged by Frank Wright 9). Stravinski Hall, Montreux, Switzerland 10. Wellington Brass band