Brass Band Quiz 9

10 quick fire quiz questions on Eric Ball to test your brass band knowledge


(Answers at the foot of the page)

  1. Eric ball arranged Suite Gothique but who wrote it?nezzy-on-brass-quiz-9-who-is-composer-q1
  2. Which lower section test piece has 4 movements called Parade, Pas Seul, Menuet and Ensemble. 
  3. Which test piece takes its title from the ‘Book of Wisdom’ and was used in the Belle Vue (Manchester) Championship contest of 1950?.
  4. Eric Ball had a long association with which brass band, taking over as conductor in 1944 from Jimmy Squires who had been conductor/player for the band since 1901? 
  5. Eric Ball was born on 31st October in 1883, 1893, 1903 or 1913? 
  6. Which lower section test piece has an opening movement called ‘The Great Chief’? 
  7. Which test piece used for the Belle Vue (Manchester) Championship Contest in 1961 is this referring to?                                                        

A street of many moods: sometimes strangely quiet and beautiful, more often busy and gay, with only a passing suggestion of the sinister…’ 

  1. Was Eric Ball born in Abingdon, Bristol, Coventry or Ipswich? 
  2. What was the last test piece composed by Eric Ball to be used in the Championship section of the national finals of Great Britain? 
  3. Which test piece has an opening movement called ‘Trios and Duets?’








Answers: 1. Léon Boëllman 2. Petite suite de Ballet 3. Resurgam 4. Brighouse and Rastrick 5. 1903 6. Indian Summer 7.  Main Street  8.  Bristol  9.  Sinfonietta the wayfarer 1976 (won by Black dyke). Checkmate (1978) and Enigma Variations (2003) were arrangements and not original compositions by Ball.  10. Tournament for Brass